Every kid is a Picasso!

KidzArtistry app allows you to save all of your kids’ artwork digitally.
You can print it out anytime, frame your kids’ artwork or even share it with your friends and family

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Who we are:

Art doesn’t have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful-Duane Hason Kidz Artistry is app that promotes fun and creativity through kids’ artwork

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Kidz Artwork at its best!

Imitated, but never duplicated, our goal is to provide you with the ultimate user experience. Our app allows you to do soo much more with your kid's artworks!

All your data in cloud

How it works:

Take photos of your kids’ favorite artwork, projects, and/or crafts. Print, Share them with friends and family.

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Create Memories!

We allow you to cherish your kids’ artwork by creating customized albums, bags, calendars, wall art, and so much more!

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what can you do with KidzArtistry

Upload and Save - Want to get rid of those papers and not have to regret you did so?
Well this ap allows you to do just that! Upload and save as many as you want. Its better to keep than to regret throwing them away!

Share - Nothing more fun than sharing with friends and family!
Upload those beautiful artworks and share on your favorite social media.

Print - Let's go one step further, shall we?!
You can now turn those beautiful artworks in a 4 x 8, 8 x 10 framed picture! Oh, coming very soon, you will be able to print on a mug, t-shirt, and many more.
... just when you thought your kid's artwork were just paper!

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KidzArtistry is an app that promotes fun and creativity through kids’ artwork.
Save and Print whenever you need to!